Dreamy Wedding at Twenty-Eight in Irvine, CA with a Traditional Vietnamese at-home Tea Ceremony

we stuffed our tummies at noon, cried at four and danced until 2AM in a hotel bar.

I don’t even know where to start describing this unreal wedding at Twenty-Eight in Irvine, CA! Not only did I get to witness the incredible colors and customs and creations of a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony, I also got to live my best life smiling through the prettiest ever bubble exit for their American ceremony AND taste the event space’s custom-made lychee drinks and dance until the morning?? Donna and Maurice (who everyone affectionately calls “Doe”) made me feel like an instant member of the family and I am so so happy to call them friends. Their entire wedding day was all about their family and friends, traditions and histories, and you could seriously life-changing a love like theirs is from the start. AND, they were both raised by some incredibly bad-ass single mothers.

check out some of my absolute favorites from their day!!