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As the world changes every five minutes with new CDC guidelines and news blasts (I've officially turned off my TV), and we work together to stop the spread of this virus as best we can, I've already helped several of my couples reschedule their sessions or postpone their wedding dates! 

After sending one too many screenshots of my wall calendar in an imessage, I wanted to make the whole process easier and simpler by keeping all my open dates in one, easily accessible spot. This calendar will be constantly updated as dates are moved and weddings are rescheduled. Any day that's open is fair game! So if you see a date that you would like to snatch up, please message me ASAP we can get the process started. 

Sending all the love, positive vibes & healthy energy I've got your way. As long as we stick together (from 6 feet apart though) we will get through all of this together!!

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the most important thing you need to know is that I got you.
here's the rest of what you need to know:

1. I can only imagine how many things are on your minds right now, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t worry you: whether or not your wedding day will be captured. I. GOT. YOU. if you book with me and something changes, all you have to do is keep me in the loop. If you need to postpone or move things around, I will send you the updated full list of days I have available in 2020 and 2021 and we will figure out what works, together. No extra charges, no rescheduling fees, none of that BS.  

2. Along those lines, you should know that contracts, payment amounts, all that sort of stuff will stay the same as the second you book them. I’m *NOT* going to add to the insane amount of shit you’re dealing with by hitting you with a “my prices have gone up here is your new invoice.” I will do everything in my power for YOU. My job is to capture your day and your love, whether that happens tomorrow or 10 months from now, whether you have a million guests or it’s just the 3 of us and your dog. 

3. Out of an abundance of caution and in order to keep myself as healthy as possible to keep serving my clients and community, I’m going to do my absolute best not to give you a bear hug (y’all know this is difficult for me because I wanna show the love ALWAYS) or even shake hands at the beginning or end of your day. Maybe we can just “air hug” for now. I’ll have hand sanitizer on me for all of us at all times so if you’ve just touched something you think was particularly grimy let me know and I can fix ya right up. My job is to serve you and give you an incredible experience, and even without hugs I will continue to do so. 


- If you are trying to find a photographer because yours had to cancel, I can offer you $400 off you wedding package AND 1 hour extra coverage for free.

- A slashed retainer -- only $500 to book any wedding package. 

-Flexible plans are available

& in case you missed the good news...

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"Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken, and yet Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us! We will truly remember this day with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative. She made an hour feel like 10 minutes (a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and comfortable in our own skin."

—Calamity + Jon—

"Sweet Maia is truly a magician." 

"Maia is EXCEPTIONALLY good at keeping the joy of the day front and center, and she has a keen eye for moments that just can’t be staged or repeated. We absolutely LOVED the action shots of our friends and family dancing and getting to relive the candid memories of the day!!"

—Omar + Elizabeth—

"EACH AND every one seem like they were taken by an old friend."

She really takes her time to get to know you as a couple so she can truly capture your raw and genuine moments.  Although the weather gods were not the nicest to us on our wedding day, Maia was STILL able to capture all of our magical moments so beautifully. She is so down to earth and made sure everyone always felt comfortable. Our guests kept commenting how awesome she was throughout the night!! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human being to capture our best day. "

—Kristine & Long—

"MAIA IS YOUR GIRL. She is so freakin talented & A wonderful human being."

"Maia worked with my now FIANCÉ!! to plan and execute the most amazing surprise proposal, and produced the most beautiful photos that truly captured the magic and vulnerability of this intimate moment in the mountains of Santa Barbara. We've already booked her for our wedding! :) Book her!! You will end up with the most beautiful photos, the greatest memories and a lifelong friend!"

— Savannah + Matt—

"If I could add more than 5 stars for Maia, I would.
She is the best photographer / person you will ever meet." 

"She is such a thoughtful individual and a talented photographer. She played Billie Eilish during the shoot (I LOVE BILLIE), and she helped us carry our bags as we moved locations. She made us feel SO comfortable and encouraged us to be nothing but ourselves. Maia is clear, timely, and very professional, all while being the nicest person ever! It was a truly a privilege to be able to work with someone as kind, sweet, and thoughtful."

— Bernie + Karen —

"I met Maia for the first time at our photoshoot, and I instantly knew how FUN it was going to be."

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