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The meaning of elopements has changed.

It's not about running away or secrecy anymore. And you and your boo are HERE 👏🏻 FOR 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻, because you want to get married in a fun, untraditional way and have a wedding that is completely focused on what you two want, need, and love to do. 

that's our jam

As someone who hopes to celebrate my own love story like this one day, I get that. With me, you get a photographer who is as HYPED about every detail as you are.

an intimate
        & intentional day...

that's completely true to the two of you.

That's how I define an elopement. Whether you want to hike to the top of a mountain somewhere just the two of you and an officiant, or exchange vows in a New York City courthouse and get some pizza after with your homies. Adventurous and outdoorsy or chill and urban, 3 days or 3 hours, an exotic destination or hanging in your neighborhood - if it's about you two and it feels right, that's what matters to me. I'd be honored to document it. 

an intimate & intentional day...

"we were together, i forget the rest" - walt whitman

Whether it's suggesting ways to make sure your makeup stays fresh after hiking, crafting the perfect photo timeline, or helping you pick out what kinds of snacks you want on your charcuterie board, trust me - you'll be taken care of.

Exclusive access to my lists of recommendations, aka all my favorite things and people. From local & unique lodging favorites, to badass industry vendors, I'm your girl. I'll even hunt down those extra top secret things on Tiktok.

You don't gain an expert in legal jargon, but you do get a research nerd who will hunt for answers and call whoever she needs to call-- so that we can be certain we're doing things right. From permit processes to finer marriage legalities! 

I am a leave no trace aware photographer. That means being extra careful to leave our gorgeous planet and it's delicate ecosystems better than we find it, and making sure we don't disturb anything with our presence. Mother nature is the HBIC.

You're hiring a friend & resource, not just a photographer.

eloping, to elope


to run away secretly with the intention of getting married, usually without parental consent or approval

to have a small or intimate wedding with a few people or no guests; to get married to your person in an epic place and do whatever you damn well please on your wedding day.

Elopements & Micro Weddings

starting at $2750

Elopement travel, explained

Elopements anywhere outside of the listed states above start at $2850 for within the US and $3100 for international. The travel costs have been calculated to include: flights or cost per mile if driving, accommodations, rental car if needed, & a food stipend. I like keeping travel as simple as possible for you and taking care of all these details myself -- one less thing for you to plan!

starting at $2250

+ 6hr, 8hr, 10hr, and 2 day coverage options
+ Personalized location & activity suggestions
+ Exclusive vendor recommendation list
+ Unlimited planning & timeline assistance
+ High resolution downloads included
+ Personal printing rights & permissions
+ Travel within AZ, SoCal, UT, NM, NV, & CO included
+ Complimentary (local) engagement session
+ Second photographer add-on available

count us in

You reach out, we schedule a call & you tell me what your dream day & priorities are. You get your questions answered & miiight just hang up feeling freakin stoked to be done with the photographer search ;)

how do we do this thing??

We settle on general details & confirm everything  your package includes, you sign a contract & pay your retainer, and I'm officially off the market for your date!
 *dances in the middle of a coffee shop*

Together, we plan the details of what your day will look like, finalize your photo timeline, & kick back and relax until the party day is here. The best part? It will be a day that's all about YOU and your epic love.

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2. booking

3. partayyy

ok we're ready to book








If you made it all the way down here, I think you deserve a reward for that...and I LOVE a good easter egg like in my fave Marvel movies. So why don't you go ahead and reach out when you're ready...and if you mention the word "infinity," I'll give you one hour free in your photography package ;)

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