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 like any normal human, you’re probably wondering what working with me is like, right?

so here’s what some happy clients have to say!!



From the start, Maia’s honest interest in our love story and vision for our wedding made her stand out and made us feel special. We honestly didn't even feel like we had to worry about her in the months leading up to the day; I could tell that she was someone that we could depend on without needing to check in.

Maia said to me that your photographer basically becomes another wedding assistant or coordinator on the wedding day, and she was SO right!! She went above and beyond my expectations — from helping me carry my dresses to driving my bridesmaids to the venue to offering to pin up my dress so I could dance the night away. If she wasn't my photographer, I would have made her honorary bridesmaid on the spot!! She was extremely punctual, accommodating, and respectful - my friends and family LOVE her!

And, to top it all off, she took some amazing photos that made us feel like we were on covers of magazine or on the walls of a gallery. Everyone kept boasting, "Where did you find this girl?! She's great!”

Not only is she the most fun person to hang out with, she also gets her shit done! Her work, passion for people, and incredible personality have definitely left a positive impression on EVERYONE because people won't stop asking about her! I'm already daydreaming about Maia taking more photos to capture many other important moments in our lives, and if you haven’t hired her you should do it RIGHT. NOW”


“Where do I start??

Maia is an ASTOUNDING photographer and an even more astounding human being. She brought an energy to our wedding day that can only be described as wonderful, and she somehow seemed to effortlessly bring out the very best in my now-husband and me. She made us feel comfortable and joyful and relaxed and happy, which with the stress of a wedding day is a pretty great accomplishment that can’t be understated! Maia has an amazing attention to detail that exudes from her naturally, and she handles every possible unexpected situation with absolute professionalism and patience.

I just can’t recommend her more highly, or tell you any more how incredible she is!! She interacted with every single member of my family with impeccable grace, and they all still say how much they love her. More than that, she managed to strike a flawless balance between being a warm and interactive presence in the day and celebration, and also melting into the background during the most intimate moments, which allowed everyone to feel comfortable and at home! Maia is an excellent communicator and professional worker; her excitement and awe of the work is contagious to every client. She allows you to craft your own vision, while also offering curated suggestions and creative guidance.

And YEAH, when I received our final album of photos, I broke into TEARS. Every single image is beautiful and perfectly crafted, capturing the magic and love of the day, exactly as we felt it.

Overall, Maia is the best photographer I have ever had the pleasuring of working with and I cannot recommend her enough!! The absolute best!!!”

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“The summary I can give of this girl’s work is simple, really — Maia brings a unique familiarity and warmth to her photos that makes each and every one seem like they were taken by an old friend. And that’s the best compliment I can give to a photographer, because it definitely isn’t something that everyone is able to achieve!! She makes a conscious and noticeable effort to get to know the people she has in front of the camera, and it shows in her work.

She is polite, energetic, hardworking, organized, and infuses lively enthusiasm into the entire day — which is what you need when something like stress can so easily take over.

As a person, she is very easy to work with and seems to somehow double as a detailed event planner, ensuring that she understands your vision. She made sure to know the plan and details ahead of time, so that she could make sure to help things run as smoothly and stress-free as possible when the actual wedding day came.

At the same time, Maia is exceptionally good at keeping the joy of the day front and center, and she has a keen eye for moments that just can’t be staged or repeated. We absolutely LOVED the action shots of our friends and family dancing and reliving old memories.

Our gallery is more than we could have imagined — and we really appreciate her editing choices. She is artistic and true to tone with colors, while still making the photos gorgeous!! Our wedding album is timeless and stunning thanks to putting our trust and love in Maia’s hands. Thank you again Maia!”


 “Maia Chloe took our engagement pictures and I truly cannot rave enough about her.

This was not a photography session, it was an entire intimate and memorable experience. I had no doubts that Maia would take great photos based off the quality of her work, but I can't lie, I was really nervous about the "process". I am just blown away!

Sweet Maia is truly a magician. Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken and Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us. We will truly remember this day and making these memories with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative. She made an hour feel like 10 minutes (which is a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and so comfortable in our own skin.

Looking at the photos really makes my heart stop. They're breathtaking, and not in an airbrushed "oh we look so good in this pose" sort of way. They feel like magic because they really, truly capture US as we are and there is something so special about being able to see that frozen in time. Maia (seemingly) effortlessly figured out what made us tick, waved her magic wand, and froze our love for each other in time!

It is a true art and she is now stuck with us forever. Wedding photos, first baby photos, you name it. She is a true gem and I cannot recommend her enough. You will be absolutely moved and so grateful you've chosen her if you decide to book!”

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