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Hey there! I’m Maia.

I heard you might be in the need of a third wheel, huh?? I’m so glad we found each other, because I LIVE for that.

I’m a traveling wedding + elopement photographer who loves love, dogs, chocolate, nature, books, and spending time with good people like YOU.

SO if you’re cool with lots of excitement and dad jokes and priceless memories and roadtrips and snapchats of my dog, let’s chase some sunsets together!

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 some super quick + quirky facts about me:

  • I am slightly obsessed with my freakin rescue poodle-mix puppy’s face!! he is the sweetest thing on this earth and he has an instagram if you’re interested??

  • I’m a total and complete book nerd (and proud of it, baby).

  • at parties, you can always find me near the snack table. or in the middle of the dance floor. or eating CAKE. or laughing so hard about something I’m crying. It’s a good time. (also if there are dogs present, it’s game over).

  • when it comes to TV and movies, my go-tos are typically Stranger Things, The Greatest Showman, Elementary, Marvel movies, Game of Thrones (we don’t talk about seasons 7 and 8 tho) and Grey’s Anatomy.

  • truly nothing, NOTHING, makes me happier than hanging out with people who are head over heels in love with each other, capturing stories, turning fleeting moments into forever memories and having my clients become my good friends. (I promise it’s not weird!!)

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