so you’re ready to chat??

I couldn’t be more excited, or honored, or ready to meet you + hang + capture your most important moments.

BUT — and yes I know it’s a lil long I’m sorrrryyyyy— you should read this lil note first.

because I am not the photographer for everyone, but I really hope we can figure out together if I’m the photographer for you!

Weddings can be stressful (even though they shouldn’t be!). Relationships aren’t always easy. Love can be hard work. Two people coming together in life is about a lot more than just pretty posed pictures and smiles. It’s about everything you’ve gone through, how much you’ve learned, how much you’ve changed. About your history and your present turning into a shared future. About all of the tiny things that came together over time to create this love and respect and trust that only you two share.

And these are just some of the hundreds of reasons why your memories and moments and feelings and experiences matter more than anything. Because being in love matters, and having something to remember every up and down you’ve had and how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown is important. And that’s why you should pick a photographer that you believe can do just that!

I’m not the photographer for everyone, and that’s okay!! I’m just not the kind of person who runs a business where you get a contract + pay some money, we meet up and exchange a few friendly words, I take your pictures and woot myself outta there. I’m here to create an experience, one that you can look back on one day and remember everything with a big, goofy smile on your face. I hope you think to yourself, dang, remember that one time we did this and this? Remember how much fun we had and how much love we showed and how much we laughed? We even have these amazing pictures to remember it by!!

When you are choosing someone to trust with documenting the most important day and moments of your life, someone to document your forever love and everything you hope to remember in ten and twenty and thirty years, you want them to be your friend. That person should vibe with you, understand who you are and what you love and why you love it. That person should be treating you like they would their best friend.


Because moments are fleeting, and the memories matter.

Because having a shoot with me should be about capturing the real you, and you can only have that happen when you’re comfortable showing that side of yourselves in front of me. Being comfortable means letting out all of the ridiculous snort-y laughs and all the goofy, tear-filled, mushy words because it should feel like it’s just you two and the world.

Taking photos should never be painful, or a drag, or just another thing to have to worry about on top of everything else you’ve got going on. Capturing moments should be fun + light hearted. It should be about you loving on each other like you do in your normal day. It should be about sneaking kisses and squishing your faces together and watching the sun set. I want to capture you in one of your favorite places doing your favorite thing. I want my clients to become my friends, and I want to be sure that you can feel YOURSELF. Because I can already tell you that you’re probably pretty dang cool.

If you’re all about letting the beauty of mountains take your breath away, messy hair and out of breath smiles, chasing the last streaks of the golden sun, then we should get along pretty great! If you want to sneak away from your ceremony to dance barefoot in the grass together, to feel salty and sandy and happy after tackling each other into soft ocean waves and then cuddling by a campfire to warm up afterwards, running through National Parks without a plan with only your love by your side, butterfly kisses and laughs that make you cry, if you think moments and feelings and memories are more important than rules and expectations— then I think we’re made for each other!

AND if you’ve made it this far— I can’t tell you how so freaking stoked I am to get to know you + hear all about your (hopefully our) next adventure.

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Couples sessions start at $300*

Elopements start at $1200*

Weddings start at $1800*

*travel + accommodations not included*

Packages may vary-- as every session is unique! Don't be afraid to reach out with any + all questions!