let me just start by saying you’re not alone…trying to figure out what to wear to a photoshoot can be super stressful!! I made this guide to help my couples understand what outfits photograph best and why— not to control you or change who you are, but to give you my best advice. I want you to feel comfortable and happy for the whole shoot, and I know this will help!!




ABOVE ALL ELSE, I want you two to represent your own style and personality in your outfits and photos. You have creative freedom with your outfits, so do not let this guide hinder you from being who you are!


why does it matter?

fair question!

During the shoot, I want to focus on YOU— who you are, the emotions you share, the stories you have to tell. I want YOU to be the sole focus of every frame. While some outfits look great in person, they can also sometimes be very distracting in a photo. I promise that if you follow these guidelines, your photos will turn out so much better, because they will be intentional and draw attention to YOU, the subject.



BRING MULTIPLE THINGS!! It’s always good to have options. I love being able to see the different colors and patterns in your outfits against the colors and patterns of the shoot location. We will most likely be changing a few different times, so I recommend bringing 5 pairs of shirts, 3 different pants/bottoms (EACH), and 2-3 different dresses. Please remember that depending on location, the best place to change might be a public restroom or the back of your car!



During a shoot, I want to make you feel like I’m just third-wheeling on a date, capturing moments as they happen. I will ask you questions and make you play some fun games to inspire emotion (stuff like “wrap each other up like a present!!”). Some will make you laugh, some will make you happy cry, but the point is —get ready to be comfy, snuggly, and goofy because I want to capture you AS YOU ARE. This is also probably something to consider this when you are deciding what shoes to wear. It doesn't make much sense to where shoes at all if you are on the beach, and heels are a bad idea 99.9% of the time. Pick shoes that photograph well but always consider comfort



Perfectly posed photos of people frozen in time are NOT my thing. We’ve all seen those photos, and we all know how they look. Instead, I want you both to be focused on movement and getting comfortable with each other. There should really never be a time where you are holding a pose so tightly that you forget to breathe. If I tell you to kiss, keep kissing, if I tell you to hug, rub each others arms as if it were freezing outside. Pretty much, just don’t stop moving. Even if the movements are subtle and gentle.



This is a good one.

Earlier, I mentioned that we really want to keep outfits from distracting from the true subjects — YOU. So, with that idea in mind, always recommend NEUTRALS. But before you both show up wearing grey shirts and blue jeans, let’s be clear — most colors have neutral versions. For example, instead of wearing an ultraviolet purple t shirt, wear a Taupe or Mauve sweater that does not distract but still adds a slight colorful aspect. And instead of wearing lime green, wear a forest green that doesn’t distract from the beauty in your face. And also make sure that you wear colors that compliment your skin color.

aaaand last but not least, here are some super helpful “tips for rocking your photo session” from one of my inspirations, Katch Silva:

  1. SHARE IT ALL WITH ME: Honesty is mandatory. Vulnerability is encouraged. I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. Remember how you interact when you’re alone and don’t hide it. Embrace both the goofy laughter and the quiet vulnerable moments. I will, of course, guide you through all this as we shoot, but I need you to meet me halfway and allow me into your intimacy.

  2. DON’T HOLD BACK: Just be you! This seems obvious, but sometimes it’s tough to really commit to it. I want your dynamic to set the tone and mood of the shoot, not what you think a session should look like. Are you goofballs? Are you introverted? I want to experience all those little moments you might otherwise consider the “outtakes”. Don’t act like you think you should, I want to capture you as you are. The truest emotion is in the outtakes!

  3. MAKE IT AN ALL DAY ACTIVITY: You’re not going to be your cutest most genuine selves at the end of an errand-filled stressful day. So take it easy all day! Grab lunch together, get a drink, relax together doing something you enjoy. That way, when we meet for the shoot, you’re filled with love and excitement for each other, instead of just crossing one thing off the wedding to-do list. Let me capture you on your best day!

  4.  FORGET THE “PHOTO SHOOT” PART: You’re not there for me. I’m there for you: to document your love. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures. Its to capture an exciting stage in your life, while spending time together. It's very likely that the last time you got your picture taken “professionally” was for an awkward high school photo or for superposed family portraits. I promise you, it will be nothing like that. So forget the photos, and focus on enjoying the evening!

  5. PICK AN ENVIRONMENT THAT REFLECTS YOU: It’s definitely not just about the location, but it's about how you fit into it. The setting, location, and weather will affect your mood, and the mood of the photos, drastically. So I want to make sure you’re surrounded by what you love. Whether that’s your own home or a foggy mountaintop, all that matters is that it’s you!

  6. EMBRACE THE SPONTANEOUS ELEMENTS: And I don’t just mean the weather. I want you to embrace the rocks, the dirt, the paths less traveled, the wind messing up your hair, your dress getting dirty, and all the other spontaneous and “imperfect” elements. If it starts to rain, we’ll keep shooting and have fun with it! If we have to stop between each shot to flatten out your hair or fluff up your dress, the whole natural vibe will be thrown off. I want to keep it natural and honest, so just let go!

mountain small.png


I am always available if you have any questions at all. I prefer texting over email! So if you do not have my phone number yet, here you go! (602-703-3968). Do not hesitate to text me any questions you might have or outfit ideas. I am always available to help! I want this experience to be as easy for you as possible!

Feel free to create a Pinterest board with some outfits you love and sent it to me! You can also check out this Pinterest board I made for some inspiration!