what to wear guide

suddenly, it feels like nothing in your closet is quite right. 

& i'm here to help with that. 

Trying to figure out what to wear for a photoshoot is so stressful, because you know how much you want to looooove these photos and how you look in them. I get it, & I GOT YOU.

So these are my top 3 tips, meant to help you understand what kinds of outfits photograph best and why! But wait a sec -- my goal is not to control or change who you are, because I can already tell you that person is freaking amazing. The goal of this is to help you get the best out of your shoot, based on my experience of what works best. You feel me? 


Great question! Why does it matter what you wear for your shoot?

Simple: it's because my goal is to capture who you are and the emotion and story between the two of you in every frame. I want YOU to be the sole focus of your shoot and of your delivered images. So, some outfits look freaking FIRE in person but can also be very distracting in a photo. All of the what to wear advice I've typed out here is meant to keep you, my muses ;) as the center of attention in the photo -- instead of whatever you are wearing!

No. 1:

Can't pick just one thing? GREAT! Options are always a good idea. This allows us to think about what the different colors and patterns of your outfits look like with the colors and patterns of the actual shoot location when we get there. It's always something else to see it all in person. 

You can probably fit about two to three outfit changes in an hour and a half engagement shoot, so bring as many different options as you'd like! Different shirts, pants, shoes, dresses, whatever you're thinking. Just please remember that depending on location, the best place to change might be a public restroom or the back of your car! Or mine. It has limo-tinted windows though so we're good ;)

No. 2:
Personality + comfort

Above everything else, I want you two to represent your own style and personality in your outfits and photos. You have creative freedom here!! If something makes you feel like you look good, if something makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, if there's an outfit that makes you smile whenever you're wearing it, bring it so we can try it out. You look your best when you feel your best, and I want to capture you as I see you: beautiful and badass and genuine and fun. So whatever makes you feel like that works for me!!

No. 3:

I'm gonna have you constantly be moving. Whether that's swaying side to side, cuddling up on each other, or practicing your first dance - because no one really likes those photos where you're supposed to freeze and stare at the camera, right? So clothes that are slightly loose or have some movement abilities or will move around as you do are always fun!! It means that when the wind is whippin through your hair, your dress is flowing around you, too. 

some last little things.

You can check out a Pinterest board of style ideas that I've made for engagement shoot outfits here. Or you can make your own board for me to check out, if you want!!

You can always, always text me outfit ideas, questions, or even inspirational images that you like / vibe with before your shoot! We can even hop on a outfit Facetime call if you want :)



what couples are saying

"She is EXCEPTIONALLY good at keeping the joy of the day front and center, and she has a keen eye for moments that just can’t be staged or repeated. We absolutely LOVED the action shots of our friends and family dancing and getting to relive the candid memories of the day!!"

—Omar + Elizabeth—

"Maia brings a unique familiarity and warmth to her photos, making each and every one seem like they were taken by an old friend."

"She interacted with every single member of my family with impeccable grace, and they all still say how much they love her. She strikes a flawless balance between being a warm and interactive presence in the day and celebration, and also melting into the background during the most intimate moments, which allowed everyone to feel comfortable and at home!"

—Ilana + Hampus—

"I just can’t recommend her more highly, or tell you any more how incredible she is!!"

"Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken, and yet Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us! We will truly remember this day with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative. She made an hour feel like 10 minutes (a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and comfortable in our own skin."

—Calamity + Jon—

"Sweet Maia is truly a magician." 

"Maia worked with my now FIANCÉ!! to plan and execute the most amazing surprise proposal, and produced the most beautiful photos that truly captured the beauty and vulnerability of this intimate moment in the mountains of Santa Barbara. We've already booked her for our wedding! :) Book her!! You will end up with the most beautiful photos, the greatest memories and a lifelong friend!"

— Savannah + Matt—

"If I could add more than 5 stars for Maia, I would. She is the best photographer / person you will ever meet." 

"She is such a thoughtful individual and a talented photographer. She played Billie Eilish during the shoot (I LOVE BILLIE), and she helped us carry our bags as we moved locations. She made us feel SO comfortable and encouraged us to be nothing but ourselves. Maia is clear, timely, and very professional, all while being the nicest person ever! It was a truly a privilege to be able to work with someone as kind, sweet, and thoughtful."

— Bernie + Karen —

"I met Maia for the first time at our photoshoot, and I instantly knew how FUN it was going to be."

—get around—







Your love + your moments are my JAM. You deserve photos that you motha effin’ love. You deserve a photographer that feels like a good friend. You deserve to have a luxury experience. Let's make that happen together.


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