just a dorky romance junkie & introverted book nerd with a spunky biker chick alter ego.

because who says your personality has to make sense?

I'm a hard-core romantic that grew up reading & watching every single cheesy epic love story I could get my hands on, an outgoing introvert who loves spending time surrounded by people and stories, and a biker chick who knows exactly how crucial it is to be present in the moment.

On the day I photographed my first wedding, I realized that getting to be the storyteller of real life loves and couples filled my heart with a million times more sunshine and joy and determination than reading about them or watching them ever could.

// she, her, hers //

proud mixed race daughter of two immgrants

Let’s be real -- connecting with someone, really connecting with someone, is scary and inspiring and brave all at once. It's one of the most beautiful and most fulfilling things we can do.

You know this...you said yes to the person you connect most with in this world! I'm all about capturing this magic with my photos, immortalizing your story and how your two lives have come together. Come wedding day, I’m capturing the connection and moments and love in the room between the two of you AND all those who support you on this journey you’ve chosen together. 

the power of the unexpected

 As your photographer, I capture the unpredictable and the unplanned and the unexpected just as much as the perfect, camera-ready moments. There is something undeniably special about life in all its messiness - especially when it comes to love and partnership. From photos of the tequila shot you sneakily took with your mom before walking down the aisle to the way your future brother-in-law nudges your crying fiance when he see you, just as much as the incredible shot of your first kiss as life partners.

what lights my soul on fire?

the bravery & beauty of connection

fiercely intentional about true partnership, the power of love, and the gravity of moments. I'm someone who knows exactly how important wedding photos are and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. 

as your photographer, I am...

the human version of the heart-eyes emoji on your wedding day. You can find me giggling with your mom in the corner as she tells me a childhood story about you or getting down with you & your besties on the dance floor to a Drake song, cameras in hand. 

an observant dreamer who has always been captivated by all of the little moments between two people and their ability to tell a story, and when I bought my first camera I became determined to capture them. 

& if you think that's your vibe, just wait until we're talkin client experience...

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a good pair of mom jeans, black booties & a hair scrunchie

part-time astronaut, part-time ballerina

sparkly engagement rings...and I'm single #oops

croatia or new zealand

I have a gene mutation that makes cilantro taste like soap

raw cookie dough

truth hurts by queen Lizzo herself

road trippin', bookstores, national parks & my bed

an XL sweater, soccer pants and fuzzy socks #style

honestly...Meryl Streep or CHASE STOKES.

the sun is also a star or you are a badass

...was born to be in nature & is in love with the magic created by light and colors and movement and shadows. I love stargazing in the desert, exploring groves of trees in the mountains, & soaking up the sun on the beach. 

...you would probably never look at and think “she rides definitely motorcycles.” I'm no Megan Fox in Transformers, BUT I ride them anyways -- and learning to get back on one after crashing in an intersection at 45mph taught me everything I know about perseverance and trusting my instincts. Follow along on my adventures via my Instagram stories :)

...bakes triple-layer-chocolate cakes when I'm stressed (want one??) and who compliments strangers every chance I get. I strive to bring a positive energy and optimistic force wherever I go, and you can expect your ultimate hype queen by your side on the wedding day.

...is a ridiculously overprotective dog mom to my poodle mix puppy, who is also my best friend. Let’s talk puppies ANYTIME. I'm a girl who is loyal, reliable, and who will be there for you every step of the way during your wedding planning process.

I'm a girl who...

you're the one that I want

"Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken, and yet Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us! We will truly remember this day with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative. She made an hour feel like 10 minutes (a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and comfortable in our own skin."

—Calamity + Jon—

"Sweet Maia is truly a magician." 

"Maia is EXCEPTIONALLY good at keeping the joy of the day front and center, and she has a keen eye for moments that just can’t be staged or repeated. We absolutely LOVED the action shots of our friends and family dancing and getting to relive the candid memories of the day!!"

—Omar + Elizabeth—

"EACH AND every one seem like they were taken by an old friend."

She really takes her time to get to know you as a couple so she can truly capture your raw and genuine moments.  Although the weather gods were not the nicest to us on our wedding day, Maia was STILL able to capture all of our magical moments so beautifully. She is so down to earth and made sure everyone always felt comfortable. Our guests kept commenting how awesome she was throughout the night!! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human being to capture our best day. "

—Kristine & Long—

"MAIA IS YOUR GIRL. She is so freakin talented & A wonderful human being."

"Maia worked with my now FIANCÉ!! to plan and execute the most amazing surprise proposal, and produced the most beautiful photos that truly captured the magic and vulnerability of this intimate moment in the mountains of Santa Barbara. We've already booked her for our wedding! :) Book her!! You will end up with the most beautiful photos, the greatest memories and a lifelong friend!"

— Savannah + Matt—

"If I could add more than 5 stars for Maia, I would.
She is the best photographer / person you will ever meet." 

"She is such a thoughtful individual and a talented photographer. She played Billie Eilish during the shoot (I LOVE BILLIE), and she helped us carry our bags as we moved locations. She made us feel SO comfortable and encouraged us to be nothing but ourselves. Maia is clear, timely, and very professional, all while being the nicest person ever! It was a truly a privilege to be able to work with someone as kind, sweet, and thoughtful."

— Bernie + Karen —

"I met Maia for the first time at our photoshoot, and I instantly knew how FUN it was going to be."

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