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just a few of my favorite things:

BANNERS (the band) + road trips + rainy days + cookie dough + fluffy dogs + cant-breathe-anymore-laughs + record players + mountain sunsets + pretty much all of nature (except mosquitoes)

my mom & dad & sister + getting lost in bookstores + cuddling + hiking + Rupi Kaur + John Green and Mark Manson books + Shonda Rhimes + Maya Angelou quotes + Marvel movies

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Hey! I’m Maia & I’m a foodie, a dog mom, and a roadtrip junkie.


I’m also the hardworking youngest daughter of two immigrant parents. I say that because, before everything, I have always been grounded in my family and in my diverse cultural backgrounds. My parents are also one of the main reasons I admire and respect and adore capturing and witnessing love so much, because I think two people finding each other in this huge world of ours and building a relationship like the one that they have is the most magical thing EVER.

On any given day, you can probably find me studying for my bajillion university classes as I prepare to graduate with a Master’s degree, doodling designs in my many notebooks (seriously, someone needs to stop me from buying more freaking notebooks and I’m lookin @ you, Target), working on my photography business in a coffee shop somewhere, or cuddled with my pup and reading a book.

So why do I like doing this thing with photos and people and love and friendship?? Good question!! The quick version of the long answer is that photography and love and kind-hearted people combined together become my happy place. Nothing makes me more butterflies-in-stomach giddy than capturing the most special, intimate, and love-filled moments between two people who are only beginning their lives’ journeys together. This means I’m definitely that photographer that jumps up and down when I can’t handle how amazing a shoot is going, that photographer who will cry along with you as you read your vows at the altar (a lot, but hey the camera in my face hides it), and that photographer who will run out in the rain with you just to explore a new place when no one else is around. I’m never more fired up than when I’m capturing the real-life love that reminds me of what I was always getting lost in when I read a book. And the real life stuff is soooo much better.

I’m honored you’re considering me as your photographer, and if you’re here, it probably means you’re at the beginning of planning your wedding and your future together. Maybe even a family one day, right?? And it would make my heart so freaking full to be included on that journey!

AND if my homepage fun facts were'n’t enough, here are some other quick ones:

+ I absolutely, under no condition, ever, can say no to good french fries or dessert. Oopsie :)

+ I have a wildflower tattoo on my ribs

+ I speak like 3.75 languages!! It’s a constant work in progress because I love learning more.

& I’m so glad you’re here!!

My style.

// genuine.

// heartfelt.

// romantic.

// natural.

// FUN.


Let’s be honest here. Unless you’re a model by trade, getting your photo taken can feel super weird and uncomfy!! I remember getting my school photo taken and being blinded on the count of two and looking like a terrified animal by the count of three, forever memorialized in the the yearbook. (I definitely cringed over here just thinking about it). I’m still super shy in front of a camera, especially if the only talking going on is someone telling me to move my head left two inches and put my hand riiiiight there. I’m DEFINITELY not about that stuff, and I doubt you are either! I want to capture the people and moments and magic around me as they are, as they would be even if I wasn’t there to see them.

Remember that overused cliché about a fly on the wall? Yeah, you know the one. Well, I don’t want you to think of me as a fly, exactly — but the concept is there. I want to capture the two of you as you are, I want to capture your relationship as it is. I want to know about your history and about your crazy stories and about how you two met and how awkward your first kiss was. I want to know who said what on Tinder or who made the first move in the bar, and how that turned into cuddles every night and food fights making pancakes. I want to know aaaaaallll the details about what makes you, you. Authenticity is my starting point, always.

I want every experience with me to be exciting and a good time. I want to be present and there for you and smiling along with you, as much as I also want to fade into the background while you’re just loving on each other and enjoying the moment and thinking about how much you’ve grown together. I offer an experience that is equal parts goofy and silly and memorable and relaxed as it is complete professionalism and timely deliveries. (and you can check out these reviews if you don’t just wanna take my word for it). This whole thing is about YOU and YOUR HISTORY and YOUR MOMENTS, and I can’t wait to talk to you more about it!

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