I'm honestly just an introvert who fell in love with love, connection, and stories from the time I could read. And then, when I bought my first camera and was able to step foot into the magic of weddings, I realized that witnessing real-life love stories and moments was a million times better than anything I could read in books.



I'm maia, a wedding and elopement photographer based 50/50 in the US and europe.

I'm passionate about really getting to know people, but I'll go first.

I believe that photos are one of the most magical things on this earth, and should be treasured. (and printed!!!!)

ALL photos. The imperfect, unplanned ones just as much as the perfectly timed and captured ones. On a wedding or elopement day, this is even more true -- because it's so important to me to capture your story as a WHOLE.

I try to always look at love (& life) like my favorite authors would.

the spark notes*


I believe in photos that you can feel

here's what i mean


Photos that, no matter when you look at them, instantly transport you back in time to exactly how that moment felt and looked and smelled and sounded. Like the photo albums I grew up with, your love story deserves to be treated with as much heart and care -- and you deserve to look back on photos and secretly wonder if your best friend somehow took them.


I believe that photos are magic, and coincidentally this belief has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty magical people as clients -- and leave their day as good friends.

My clients become my lifelong friends.

It's an absolute honor to be invited into your space to witness your love story.

my approach is a little different

I'm there to watch and observe and listen, empowering you to just be your truest selves, and to take the photos that will make sure those moments last forever in your hearts and minds.

I became such good friends with one of my clients while in quarantine, she asked me to be a bridesmaid instead of her photographer

It's a good mix of letting the art happen exactly as is, and also getting down right along with you on the dance floor.

I've photographed every wedding in the friend group of my first ever couple

Hell no. Your day about celebrating your love and entering your next chapter in life together, whatever that looks like to you. And having a hell of a good time doing it.

I'm just there to document it with the love and care that your story deserves, as unobtrusively as possible.

Your day isn't about me getting my "perfect shot."

filter free.
stress free.
worry free.
let's just be.

okay yep you're the one


A few things people might not guess about me

I speak three/almost four languages, I live in Europe part-time, and I'm a multi-national citizen (which is actually pretty helpful for destination weddings & elopements, eh?)

I have had my motorcycle license since I was 16 (and my own motorcycle since I was 19)

I am legitimately obsessed with single-needle tattoos and am saving up for my next set!

I have a really weird genetic mutation that makes cilantro taste like soap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know that letting someone into your love story isn't an easy thing.

it's a deeply emotional decision and there are no "do-overs."

Other than with each other, it's likely you spend the most time on your wedding day with your photographer. I don't take this time or space for granted. I am intentional and observant, and aim to have your guests asking you how long we've known each other. 

I'm not here to sell or to convince you of something.

I'm here to document your story like We've been friends forever.

Every space I am invited into -- the reading of your private vows before the ceremony, the getting ready rooms, under the stars as you share a last dance -- every single one is special. 

the client experience







Maia Chloe is an elopement and wedding photographer based in the US & Europe who specializes in artistic, candid imagery for best friends in love that wanna have fun.