truth-focused wedding photos that capture your magic - AS is

and if I have the honor of documenting that story, you can bet that I won't take that lightly.

I can't wait to hear all about it.

close your eyes and just dream up your day, together.

Because it's not about just taking photos of how the day looked, its also about telling the story of how the day felt - so that you can share that story for generations to come. 

love is magic

there it is.


Photos that you can feel

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a wedding is so much more than photos or a pinterest board or poses. 

Sometimes I struggle to put my approach into words, but I like to say that I'm  "hands-off" until absolutely necessary to be otherwise. My goal is to tell YOUR story, to provide you with beautiful images that are stunningly similar to the way you remember your day in your head - which is a fancy way of saying that your photographs should be documents of real feelings and movements and moments, without me getting in the way and fabricating things that wouldn't have otherwise happened.

Yes, I know how to pose you, but I prefer to guide you or give advice when needed or show you where the best light is and then just...step back and let the magic happen. Genuine moments cannot be scripted, and my aim will always be to just give you the space to be yourselves. 

photography for best friends in love.

I like to say that, until you need me, you can pretend I'm just another guest...blending in.


I like to think that all of my galleries look a little bit different, because no wedding day or love story or couple is the same. Photos are meant to be like memories: precious, imperfect, spontaneous, beautiful, nostalgic, timeless, moving. They make you feel like you're back in that exact moment, all over again.

For this reason, THE most important part about my job is truly connecting with my couples. Connecting, really connecting, is the key to the type of photos I aim to create. With this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone how many of my couples end up being long-term friends that I hope I always stay in touch with!

I am your eyes and ears throughout the wedding day, so having trust and chemistry with each couple is crucial to what I do.

let's go all in

full hearts, can't lose


If you asked around about me, hopefully you'd hear something like:

"SWEET MAIA IS TRULY A MAGICIAN. Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken, and yet Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us! We will truly remember this day with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative, and made an hour feel like 10 minutes (a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and comfortable in our own skin."


I know exactly what it feels like to be "on guard" and constantly worried about something, so much so that you lose the moment you're in.

that's why I do my best to create an environment where every single person around me feels comfortable, and safe, and unguarded. Where people feel utterly free to laugh and smile genuinely, or quietly cry and let the tears fall.

Just Be YOU.

I am at your wedding to tell YOUR story. This means a balance of quite a few things.... being spontaneous and candid and abstract, but also gently directing or guiding when needed.  It means being visible and invisible all at once. It means that I keep my head on a swivel looking for moments, but I also look to SEE what's important. And most of all, it means making sure you are FREE TO EXPERIENCE your beautiful wedding and be in the MOMENT...not thinking about my camera at all.

my philosophy is simple

A wedding isn't just about one day. It's about kicking off a new chapter in your life -- with an intentional celebration that's all about your love story. The hope is that, when you look back on your photos 5, 10, 30 years from now...they take you right back to that moment.

To give you the attention you deserve, I also keep a limit on how many events I can take on every year. While I wish I could take on every single couple that believes in my work and what I do, I also firmly believe in quality over quantity. I want to show up fresh and focused and give my all, every single time. 

these are the photos

that you will look back on

let's make sure they're as timeless as you are.

more kind words

"Thinking back, I can't even remember how I found her Instagram page, but my god, I am so glad I did. I live in Los Angeles so this was a destination wedding for us. I spent a couple weeks reaching out to photographers in Phoenix and after many phone conversations, I thought I was never going to find the right fit for us, that is, until I spoke with Maia. I was initially drawn to her kind and caring nature. I felt like she was listening to all of our concerns and was always readily available. Trust me when I say, hire Maia as your photographer! I look at our wedding and engagement pictures every day and I am immediately transported back. Even a year later, Maia still feels like a close friend. I am especially excited because my cousin has hired her for her June wedding! I already know Maia will be there to capture all my families' milestones as we continue to grow."

"She really takes her time to get to know you as a couple and sees your raw and genuine moments. Although the weather gods were not the nicest to us on our wedding day, Maia was still able to capture all of our magical moments so beautifully. Our guests kept commenting how awesome she was throughout the night!! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human being to capture our best day."

"I would recommend Maia to anyone in need of a photographer!!!

She did an amazing job on our elopement-style wedding in Sedona. She met us at the Airbnb for 'first look' photos and then rode to the top of the mountain in our Jeep/4Runner group.

Maia did a really great job of not only delivering breathtaking wedding pictures - but also is very personable. She made us feel comfortable and did a great job of directing family in a friendly way.

You won't regret hiring Maia, she was our best wedding vendor, hands down. We look forward to hopefully booking more shoots with Maia in the future."







Maia Chloe is an elopement and wedding photographer based in the US & Europe who specializes in artistic, candid imagery for best friends in love that wanna have fun.