Basically... I believe that, it's your wedding day, so you should do literally whatever the hell you want to do.

Want a foodtruck serving classic street tacos shared with ten friends rather than a big plated dinner with 100 guests? DO IT. Planning a first karaoke match rather than a first dance? COOL. Hiring your bestie as a flower dude who also *convieniently* hands out your favorite hard seltzers on his way down the aisle? HELL YES.

You deserve to celebrate your love however you want, with whoever you want -- and I'd be so freaking honored to be there to witness & document it all by your side.

from intimate, 10-person elopement weekends to epic dance parties & everything in between

not tradition, not family expectations, not outside opinions.

matters to you

*this is only about what

so if your family & friends think we go way back, I've done my job.

The way I see it, I’m there to watch and listen and give space and support you as you just exist in love, as your truest selves,. 

I thrive on walking the fine line between fading into the background snapping candid shots (my FAVE) and braving the middle of the dance floor to do the dougie with Uncle Jeff. 

From stolen glances to forehead kisses, from tender hugs to tearful breaths: when you look through your photos, those memories will live on. It’ll be as though you’re right there doing it all over again.

You're not there to model for my portfolio. You're there to celebrate with your loved ones - whatever it looks like for you. 

I'm there to document it with all the heart it deserves.

all photo collections include:

Timeline guidance & planning

Vendor recommendations

personalized online gallery

Professional editing & image processing

High-resolution and web-size images

Unlimited pre-wedding communication


just live in the moment with your person and leave the photos to me.

It's about what you think an epic wedding day is -- whether that's a wildly glamorous ceremony & all night dance party with your crew, or a destination elopement with a pizza picnic and boozy milkshakes just for the two of you. 

let's work together







Maia Chloe is an elopement and wedding photographer based in the US & Europe who specializes in artistic, candid imagery for best friends in love that wanna have fun.