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SAY IT A LITTLE LOUDERRR FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: love is love is love is love. I'm going to be real with you -- I can't promise I won't mess up, as I'm still constantly educating myself on correct pronouns, ways of speaking, and things like that. However, I CAN assure you that I fundamentally believe all love is real love and that all couples deserve to be celebrated. I have zero tolerance for ignorance, harassment, or discriminatory behavior -- no matter your sexuality, beliefs, race, ethnicity, religion, or beliefs!

are you and your business LGBTQ+ friendly?

what is the booking process like?

first you send me an inquiry and I respond within 24 hours, most likely with some cute gifs. after that, we can schedule a phone call to chat about the details or figure out what package is perfect for you & your boo thang over email, and then I send over your contract and invoice! I only require a flat $500 deposit to lock in your date, no matter what the final package cost is. You can also choose to update your package later on, and pick a payment plan based on your needs! Once the contract is signed and the deposit sent, we can have a dance party over facetime, cause we're official.

what does travel look like with you?

Instead of charging a fixed rate for travel, I keep my travel fees reasonable by keeping them relative. If I'm driving more than 2 hours outside of Phoenix, Arizona, I charge $1 per mile + accommodations for the night before and after your wedding date. This gives me the time I need to back your images up and send sneak peeks that very night! If I'm flying to your wedding location, travel fees will include the cost of roundtrip flights from Phoenix Sky Harbor, at least 2 nights of lodging (I arrive early to avoid risking flight cancellations/delays), & a transportation stipend.

do we receive the RAW files?

Nope, I don’t release the RAW images, but I am always happy to explain why and what they are -- so if you have a specific conern about them, please reach out. Essentially, the RAW files are technically unfinished work that do not represent my business! You hire and pay me for the finished product -- the beautifully edited photos just like the ones on this site. Those are what you receive in your wedding gallery.

do we need a second photographer?

I'm working on writing up a blog post about this -- so watch out for that soon! I always recommend a second photographer for a wedding that has more than 80 guests, for a wedding on a tight timeline, or for a day that has a lot of moving parts. With a second photographer, you can feel confident that I don't have to be in two places at once to capture your moments!

how & when do you deliver our photos?

Your full gallery is sent directly to your email, hosted on a gorgeous online site where you’ll be able to download them at their highest resolution, order prints and canvases, and create lists of your favorites! You receive sneak peek images by text or email within 24 hours of your wedding, and then your full wedding gallery is delivered between 4 - 6 weeks after your wedding date. 

what if we don't want the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are included for free as parts of my top two pre-made packages, so the price of a normal engagement session with me is not factored into the total package costs. I always encourage engagement sessions to help you two get comfortable with me before your wedding day, but the price of your package will most likely not be lowered if you don't do one -- and I don’t switch complimentary sessions for paid add-ons, such as a second shooter. However, I have had a few couples in the past switch this session to day after bridals, and that is something that works well! 

what about printing rights of the photos?

YES, you will have full printing rights for all of your photos. This means that I technically own the photos, but you are encouraged to print & post all your photos to your hearts’ desires!

can you hit us with those vendor recs?

ABSOLUTELY! I have a list of talented vendors from all over the country that I've either worked with or have heard wonderful things about, and I’m updating it constantly. I’m also always more than happy to help you research vendors in new locations, and use my access to wedding industry groups to help you find your dream team. Just let me know what you need and I’ve got you covered. 



"Both my fiancé and I dread having our photos taken, and yet Maia made this such an intimate and remarkable experience for us! We will truly remember this day with her forever and ever and ever. She was the perfect combination of professional, assertive, playful, loving, and creative. She made an hour feel like 10 minutes (a big deal for a guy that hates getting his photo taken) and made us feel so adored and comfortable in our own skin."

—Calamity + Jon—

"Sweet Maia is truly a magician." 

"Maia is EXCEPTIONALLY good at keeping the joy of the day front and center, and she has a keen eye for moments that just can’t be staged or repeated. We absolutely LOVED the action shots of our friends and family dancing and getting to relive the candid memories of the day!!"

—Omar + Elizabeth—

"EACH AND every one seem like they were taken by an old friend."

She really takes her time to get to know you as a couple so she can truly capture your raw and genuine moments.  Although the weather gods were not the nicest to us on our wedding day, Maia was STILL able to capture all of our magical moments so beautifully. She is so down to earth and made sure everyone always felt comfortable. Our guests kept commenting how awesome she was throughout the night!! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human being to capture our best day. "

—Kristine & Long—

"MAIA IS YOUR GIRL. She is so freakin talented & A wonderful human being."

"Maia worked with my now FIANCÉ!! to plan and execute the most amazing surprise proposal, and produced the most beautiful photos that truly captured the magic and vulnerability of this intimate moment in the mountains of Santa Barbara. We've already booked her for our wedding! :) Book her!! You will end up with the most beautiful photos, the greatest memories and a lifelong friend!"

— Savannah + Matt—

"If I could add more than 5 stars for Maia, I would.
She is the best photographer / person you will ever meet." 

"She is such a thoughtful individual and a talented photographer. She played Billie Eilish during the shoot (I LOVE BILLIE), and she helped us carry our bags as we moved locations. She made us feel SO comfortable and encouraged us to be nothing but ourselves. Maia is clear, timely, and very professional, all while being the nicest person ever! It was a truly a privilege to be able to work with someone as kind, sweet, and thoughtful."

— Bernie + Karen —

"I met Maia for the first time at our photoshoot, and I instantly knew how FUN it was going to be."

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