March 18, 2020

Don’t Coronavirus Cancel: How to postpone your wedding

If you’re sitting on your stockpile of toilet paper + frozen foods, thinking about where to even start replanning and postponing your wedding right now, I’ve got you.

So grab that iced latte that you just taught yourself how to make in your self-quarantine, take a deep breath, and let’s work together on the easy steps to get this shit done.

5 Steps To Postponing Your Wedding:

(1) Start with your venue! Ask for their availability in 2020 and 2021 and any restrictions they may have put into place. Look at dates after July; Look at Thursdays and Sundays if you are worried about your all vendors not being able to make it. Try to pick a variety and avoid Saturdays in the most popular wedding months of the year: August, September, October.

(2) Once you’ve got some date options, put these dates into a Doodle PollDon’t know how to set one up? I can help you out or even make one for you, that way all you have to do is check the responses.

(3) Send out the Doodle poll to your current vendors. You can do it in a single email with every vendor copied, or send it individually if you want. And HCK YES I have even written out a template for you!!

Here ya go:

Dear [[xyz Vendors]]

Unfortunately, we have decided to postpone our wedding and after talking to our venue about a a new date, we are now looking to get this all figured out with our dream team (AKA YOU). We adore each of you and we would love to try and make this new date happen with as many of you as possible, but we also understand if it doesn’t happen this way. We’ve created this Doodle Poll [[link here]] for you to let us know what dates you are available and we appreciate your patience and kindness in this craziness!

We hope you’re staying safe and we cannot wait to hear from you,

[[your name]]

(4) Once everyone has been notified, have honest conversations with your vendors to figure out solutions. We need to work together right now guys, and chances are your vendors don’t want to lose you either. If not all are available on the same date, try to pick a date where most from your team IS available. From there, ask them for recommendations on replacements to take over the contracts or if they have any subcontractor options — people who could work under them on your wedding day if they cannot (like an associate photographer).

(5) Once you have your new date and team taken care of, contact your guests and update them. You can find a super nice social media announcement template for this here. Maybe create a Facebook group for all of your wedding guests right now to keep them in the loop, and then if NEEDED you can also provide a Facebook Live “Livestream” of the wedding itself in there later on. Once most everyone is up to date you can chat with your stationary folks and get your new stationery products completed with the new date and any other updated information.

Basically, if you are facing the impacts of the world’s shutdown effects right now, know that I got you and that your wedding day CAN happen still — even if it isn’t on the day that you planned. And, in the end, all that truly matters is you + your person starting your forever together. You can always have the world’s most banging 5 year vow renewal instead!


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